The Story

– Celebrating Inuit Expertise –

Inuit are the world’s foremost experts on harvesting, preparing, and consuming Arctic char. Lake to Plate promotes Inuit expertise by empowering Inuit fishermen to sell their whole, unprocessed Arctic char to seafood lovers across Canada.

Lake to Plate began in 2019 with a partnership between a group of fishermen from Naujaat, Nunavut, and Iqaluit-based social enterprise Project Nunavut Limited. Lake to Plate’s objective is to secure respectable prices for Arctic char from Nunavut and, thereby, enable Inuit fishermen to make a sustainable income off of the land for themselves, their families, and their communities. The project is funded by the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency and the Government of Nunavut’s Fisheries and Sealing Division.

All of Lake to Plate’s Arctic char is wild, hand caught, sustainably fished, and delicious, but it is not all the same. As Inuit have long known, there are subtle differences in the taste, texture, and appearance of Arctic char caught from different lakes. Lake to Plate currently sources Arctic char from three remote lakes – Lake Itirjuk, Lake Pamiurluk, and Lake Qariaq – and, for the first time, is offering Canadians the opportunity to compare the diverse flavours of Arctic char harvested from these lakes.

Supplies are extremely limited by small commercial quotas and the artisanal fishing practices employed by Inuit fishermen. If you are interested in purchasing Arctic char from our fishermen in the 2020-21 fishing season, we recommend placing an advance order at

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