The Lakes

– Every Lake Has A Flavour –

Our Arctic char are harvested from three remote lakes accessed by snowmobile from Naujaat, Nunavut. The char from each lake follow unique lifecycles that give them special flavours. Learn more below!


Delicate: Char from Itirjuk have bright orange flesh that possesses a firm texture and a subtle, clean, and pleasantly briny taste.


Decadent: Arctic char from Pamiurluk are large, frequently exceeding 10 pounds, and their flavour is described as ‘tariumiutaluk’, rich and velvety, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, especially when you eat it frozen like Inuit do.


Unique: Arctic char from Qariaq are lean, vary in the colour of their flesh from white to orange, and are said to taste faintly of the tundra, giving them a flavour profile unlike that of any other fish.