The Lakes

– Every Lake Has A Flavour –

Our Arctic char are harvested from three remote lakes accessible by snowmobile from Naujaat, Nunavut. The char from each lake follow a unique lifecycle that imparts special flavours to the Arctic char. Learn more below!


Delicate: Char from Itirjuk have bright orange flesh that possesses a firm texture and a subtle, clean, and pleasantly briny taste.


Decadent: Arctic char from Pamiurluk are large, frequently exceeding 10 pounds, and their flavour is described as ‘tariumiutaluk’, rich and velvety, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, especially when you eat it frozen like Inuit do.


Unique: Arctic char from Qariaq are lean, vary in the colour of their flesh from white to orange, and are said to taste faintly of the tundra, giving them a flavour profile unlike that of any other fish.